MegaMel Motivator Kit

Monday, November 10, 2008

MegaMel Motivator Kit - Weekly Planner

The MegaMel Motivator – Weekly Planner Kit is what you need if you want to “Get Your Act Together”, get more done, “Be All Your Can Be”, and get more out of life. Boredom, depression, frustration, not having enough fun, Etc. can be cured by using my system.Using a PDA or phone for appointments? Great! This kit is what you need to “put it all together”.

The front of the card is useful for making notes as you week goes by. Here's the folded card as you would use it.Monday thru Thursday are on the inside of the card and Friday thru Sunday are on the back.

The kit includes 60 weekly planner cards, pen, instruction sheet, and some blank cards for use in listing your projects, goals, and travel plans.Here's a closer look at what the MegaMel Motivator Card (M3C) looks like.

These “Success” tips are included in your kit.


About Me

Meet MegaMel A while back, I entered adulthood with college degrees in Mechanical Engineering, a reservoir of energy, and a Missouri boy's "show me" attitude that have been the foundation of a pretty interesting life. For a while, I played drums in a rock band in Missouri, played "desert rat" in the sands of Arizona, and even played "Mad Max" (or is it Mad Mel?) driving dune buggies in the Baja. Now, living in Colorado, I savor high altitude fun: mountain climbing, skiing, and back packing. But enough about play: my career has taken me around the world, putting me into some pretty interesting learning situations. And that's what I hope to pass on to you through this series of books…just a little bit of what I've learned during work and play, to make your life easier and more enjoyable. REMEMBER, YOU CAN DO WHATEVER YOU SET YOUR HEART TO DO!